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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 27, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> kelly and gustavo and our staff, never forget 9/11. kelly, don't see yours. >> the initials of all those who mean the most. >> fantastic. and i don't have any. i'm gretchen, though, here's shep. >> there's word one of the pilots is now a prime suspect in the missing jet mystery. hear that? a prime suspect. and new this afternoon. we're getting our first indication of what the fbi found on his home flight simulator. also, officials in washington state they warned of the mudslide that crushed homes and buried victims alive, but today we'll meet a woman who lost everybody and says, nobody ever warned me? she is demanding answers again. she'll be with us live. word that high speeds and dirty tricks could be training our retirement savings. is our 401k at risk? let's get to it.
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good this afternoon to you and yours from fox news in new york. first from the deck this afternoon. investigators now think the captain of the missing malaysia airlines jet flew it offcourse on purpose, intentionally, and apparent suicide mission that officials say likely killed the hundreds of people onboard. that's what a high-ranking malaysian officer told u.s.a. today newspaper. another possible clue about where that jet may have gone down. a thai satellite spotted 300 pieces of debris floating in the southern part of the indian ocean right where investigators say the jet likely crashed. but strong storms are again keeping the search teams from check out the degree in person so we don't know whether it's related to the crash or just floating junk. but the even bigger mystery today is why the jet was so far off course. according to the report, investigators are grilling family members of the plane's
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captain about his behavior before the flight and investigators are looking at the flight simulator in the captain's home. but according to a new report this afternoon, the flight simulator looks like just another dead end. lea gabrielle is a pilot. what are you learning about the investigation of the jet's captain? >> according to u.s.a. today, malaysian law enforcement official told the paper they captain has looked at because he was the only person with the capability to make that course change but believes to have been, and to fly the plane in the way it's believed to have been flown. we knew the captain had a flight simulator in his home, and investigators, including the fbi, have been examining that simulator, and the hard drives for any possible clues. the fbi says that they can't comment at this point, but according to "the new york times," sources briefed on the investigation have said that at
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this point nothing suspicious has turned up. >> what about the family of the pilot? >> they've been silent but out in the captain's youngest son, who is 26 years old, is speaking out. he spoke to theness" street times" and said he has been reading everything and doesn't believe it. he said, quote, i've read everything online but ignored all the speculation. i know my father better. we might not be as close because he travels so much but i understand hill. the came's son said his family, just like the other families, are still waiting for confirmation that a crash actually happened and he says he'll believe it when he has proof to himself. we have nothing that reveals the putt lot did anything wrong. >> i have read all that extensively yesterday and wondered is this is just a hunch. >> let bring in a pilot
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instructor. too stressed0. , shouldn't fly. seems like a no-brainer. >> absolutely, no-brainer. this is about motive, if -- if the pilot is become looked at, they're investigating this as a crime, and if it was suicide it was a murder suicide, and motive is going to have to be explored thoroughly. and in terms of human factors, all pilot goes through a checklift of their own to make sure they're air worthy before they get into the cockpit to fly. and if they're overstressed, marital problems, they should just stay down. >> i hate this idea of talking bat guy who went down with the plane, as far is a know he's as innocent as you and i are. but since they're investigate this as a crime and folk can yo- focusing on this man, do you
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think that's fair? in a lack of -- we don't know what was on the flight simulator. >> it's fair because until we know what happened, everything is on the table. and if you're going to investigate this thing as a crime, one thing that has to be explored is motive and you have to get into the head of the captain and find out what was going on with him in the days and weeks leading top the tragedy. >> we goes these records from a newspaper says the captain was very upset when his wife said she was leaving him. he was also apparently, according to the reporting of the newspaper, dating another woman. you stir all of that up and the soup is rancid. >> and having practiced law for 16 years i have seen lots of specific instances where people do things that are way out of character when you have a situation involving the breakup of a marriage or some type of romance.
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in particular when somebody is caught cheating or there's some infidelity. don't want to speculate this was going own but has to be explored. >> the son says he doesn't believe anything and knows his father and this stupid talk about his father, who is gone. >> one's heart bleeds for this child as well as everybody's family involved, and nobody wants to think that their loved one or certainly they're father could be capable of something like that. let's hope he wasn't. i would prefer to give him the presumption of innocence, but if we're going to have an accurate and complete investigation, all of these have to be looked into, including whether or not the pilot was air-worthy that day. >> we won't know what the pilot said, we don't the 30 minutes. >> that's right. and i've always been a strong proponent that everything should be recorded and preserved.
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because we have to get to the answers that these families deserve and that the world deserves, because as long as we're going to be using commercial air travel, we have to make sure that it is as safe as humanly possible. so the more information we can have the better, and if it means a little privacy is invaded in the cockpit so be it. it's worth the price. >> good to talk to you, phillip. >> break news that a judge just sentenced the newlywed, who admitted she killed her husband by pushing him off a cliff, 30 years in prison. after she pleaded guilty to murder in the second degree. this all happened back in july, glacier national park in montana. prosecutors said she lied to investigators. she claims she last saw her husband driving away from they're hem with friends, but
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she changed her story when she was shown surveillance video with her and her husband. so she then said she pushed him over the cliff accidentally during an argument over whether they got married to soon. a judge just sentenced the newlywed to 30 years in prison. >> we're getting more signs that russia may be gearing up to invade eastern ukraine. we talked to officials about the likelihood of this happening. we'll have the latest on united states intelligence report and president bush president -- pret president putin's potential goals nice to have you in. ♪
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russia is showing more signs than ever it could invade eastern ukraine. that's not us reporting. that's according to new u.s. intelligence assessments that fox news has obtained. senior officials tell fox news that russian president vladimir putin has been building a case for more military action in ukraine by claiming that russian-speaking people there face brutality. u.s. officials say -- there is
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zero evidence that that's true. none at all. they say brutality is something he made up and he puts on tv and puts in newspapers. that way everybody hears it. doesn't make it true. russia has 30,000 troops or more, that is, positioned in several areas near ukraine border and it's far more than roche would need for training exercises. russia claimed they deployed these troops for just that reason. officials tell fox these intelligence assess. s take into account that president putin, likely wants to create a land bridge from crimea into ukraine. i should say from crimea into the north. this isn't new information. he wanted to do that for a long time. to do so they need to take more ukraine. here's ukraine and there's russia. he has to do this. that's where the bridge would go right here. john busse.
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we owls thought he -- he made the point for years he wants the bridge there. >> we have known for some days now about the buildup of troops on the border with eastern ukraine and it'sing are. we're going to go in if we feel the russian population is being percent indicated. our defendant secretary says the russian defense secretary says they're not going to cross the border, they're just there. part of this is a bargaining chip. there are sanctions being drawn up with the house and senate, additional sanctions. sanctions being codified and refined in the european union. the imf is negotiating a deal with ukraine. so, all of these things are going on and russia has as a bargaining chip the fact it has bolstered its forces on the ukrainian border. >> so it's possible he could say, okay, hold off on the sanctions and i'll move my troops. >> or we don't know.
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the defense secretary of russia may not be the person in charge. this is apparently being very much orchestrated by putin himself. the big issue is that these economic deals that are being brokered between the imf and ukraine and the eu and ukraine are fraught. they are requiring tax increases in ukraine. they're requiring subsidy cuts that are unpopular. you won't be the money from the imf or the i unless you do this, and ukraine has to go through some very difficult times. it also has tremendous problem with corruption at the top of the government. how do you do all this nation-building at once, get ukraine stabilized and keep russia at bay? that's what the europeans and americans are trying to do. >> ukraine has that these destabilizing factors in place since the breakaway happened. and history tells us that this troop buildup looks so much like
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what russia did in chest nia,, - chechneya and then georgia. >> that's what the westing trying to push against in the senate and congress, they're talking about millions of dollars in aid. the country needs billions and that's where the bigger money from the imf and eu comes from, about naught without tremendous sakiry identifieses in ukraine. >> your country is $50 billion in debt, doesn't many people are willing to make the sacrifice. thank you, john. russian officials so worried about u.s. leaders spying on them, they say they got rid of their ipads to tighten security. they say they are now using samsung tablets instead in a
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russian communications denied the move was in response to "wall street journal" financial penalties and the crisis in ukraine but did mention reports the u.s. has been stepping up its surveillance activities. >> a new report on the new jersey bridge scandal claims governor christie had nothing to do with shutting down lanes and causing huge traffic jams as political payback. the report come flumes firm the christie administration fired and paid. the critics say it's missing a big part of the story. the latest on the deadly mudslide in washington state. we'll speak to a woman whose home is gone. and a woman who claims nobody ever warned her about anything. that's live interview coming up right after this. if you've got copd like me... ...hey breathing's hard. know the feeling? copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment
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>> the lawyer that new jersey governor christie's administration hired to review the george washington bridge scandal shows the republican governor had nothing to do with it. christie's office hired the attorney and the attorney admits he did not talk to the two people who were behind the plan to shut down the lanes. one, david wildstein. he says he told the governor about the lane closures at the 9/11 memorial event but governor christie says he doesn't remember that. then there's bridge it kelly, the one-time chief of staff. she sent the e-mail, time for problems for fort lee. the city's mayor had not endorsed the governor but they
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claim there's zero evidence the targeting had to do with the nonendorsement. governor christie denied any involvement in the of this, and we have not seen any evidence that links him directly or indirectly to the lane closures. the new jersey taxpayers are picking up the tab for this investigation. christie's administration hiring a lawyer to investigate the administration for $1 million. eric shawne has details. >> reporter: 345 pages, paid for by the taxpayers of new jersey, and during the news conference today, lead lawyer says there is no evidence implicating the governor at all. no texts, e-mails, and the governor denied any involvement. >> there's not a shred, not a shred of hard evidence that the governor did anything other than what he has publicly said, he
12:22 pm
had no knowledge of the lane closures, beforehand and that he had no roll -- role in the decision to immet it. >> david wildstein is the former port authority official who first met christie when they were teenagers. he was painted an the instick gator, saying, quote, it was wildstein0s idea. and bridget ann kelly who did carry it out and then it says she lied about it to the people in the office and then she tried to cover it up. while the attorneys did talk with governor christie, they were not able to talk to both wildstein and kelly because those two ain't talking, so. >> they've asked for immunity and they would give up what they do know. >> wildstein has done that and that would involve the u.s. attorney's investigation and that could put you in jail?
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>> what are democrats saying. >> there's critical of the report. the two co-chairs who are democrats of the state assembly issued a statement, quote: lawyers hired by and paid by the christie administration itself to investigate the governor's office who say the governor and most of his office did nothing wrong, will not be the final word in this matter. the people of new jersey need a full accounting of what happened. this review had deficiencies that raises questions about a lack of objectivity and thoroughness. and the report talked about allegations from the hoboken mayor claiming the christie administration withheld funds for a building project. but they're saying it's fault. she says it is a one of-sided whitewash with no credibility or legitimacy. >> the number of people missing
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after saturday's devastating mudslide in washington state has fallen by nearly half. 176 to 90. they figured out where a lot of people were. they searched long and hart. 90 people are still missing. they say they have not found anybody else alive in the damage since it happened on saturday. but more people from the area have stepped forward to say, we're here, we're safe. meantime, the search for victims continues now on day six. investigators say that the search crews have found the 25 bodies in the debris field would have managed to recover only 16 of them so far. some family says they're coming to terms with the sad reality that they may never find the bodies of their loved ones. let's bring in robin youngblood. she says the mudslide moved her home a quarter mile in 30 seconds. she is live from washington. it's nice to talk to you. thank you. >> hello, shepard. >> how are they handling those
12:25 pm
who are so horne blue affected by this? >> they set up a counseling center in arlington, the chaplain at oso has been taking donations for clothing and darrington and arlington have food centers for people who need it. many of us are collecting donations. i have an organization called church of the earth. if people go to of the, it's a tax deductible donation, and we're not charging any overhead. eave dime goes to survivors. >> how -- i don't understand how people are holding up. seems like an impossible set of circumstances, robin. >> it's impossible. i just was in the governor's office helping get new i.d. a new driver's license, because mine was drowned. and i can't -- couldn't even get access to my bank and money because i had no i.d.
12:26 pm
and the woman who helped me, donna, is a member of our oso community. her husband works for the stillaguamish tried and we found out all the baby chinook salmon died. >> do you remember hoe details of the slide? >> all too well. i'm not going to sleep for many -- a long night. we were swept away. i heard a roar. like i'd never -- i thought it was a jet or something crashing. and we went to the window, i couldn't quite figure out what it was i was seeing, and then i realized it was 20-foot wall of mud racing about 150-miles-an-hour across the valley and then it hit us. >> and when it hit you, what did it do to you?
12:27 pm
>> we were thrown -- the whole house was moving. we were thrown, tumbling. somebody said like a washing machine. i guess. so i don't know. >> how did you get out? >> we thumb -- tumbled for 30 seconds and i surrendered in that moment. i didn't know if i would be alive. and i just said, creator, if it's time, i'm coming. and then when it stopped, it stopped suddenly. got very, very quiet, and we had blood in our -- mud in our eyes and nose and mouth and ears and everywhere else. i got that out so i could breathe, and started digging my way out. i'm not even sure what i dug through or how i got out but i got up to -- i think it was the
12:28 pm
washing machine or drier, and seemed stable, so i sat on that. my friend was trapped under a tree that had fallen across. there was no roof left on the house, and that's a good thing because the house was sinking. and i told her, even if you're hurt, you have to climb out. you have to climb out. otherwise you're going to drown. so, i couldn't reach her because there was nothing stable to stand on. so she finally dug her way out and got on the refrigerator and a piece of wood from the roof. >> i don't even know how you have been able to process all this. i don't know if i'd be able to talk about it. find it interesting the local officials are saying, we warned people this was possible. you didn't hear those warnings, did you? >> nobody ever warned us about anything. my daughter, son-in-law, and my seven-year-old grandson were with me. we just bought this house two years ago.
12:29 pm
i would not put them in danger. we checked with all the neighbors. i called the county a number of times to talk about things that we could build on the land and so forth, before i even bought the place. nobody even said anything to me. the neighbors all said, my house was a quarter mile from the river, it was up about 60 feet above the high water mark. that is actually what saved us, because my neighbors that were down lower, their houses are totally covered with 60 feet of mud. they're gone. they're gone. i called them all weekend. they're summer people. they had not come up until this weekend, and they'd come up the day before. i hoped they had left but i finally got ahold of their employers on tuesday and nobody showed up so they're gone. the neighbors told me, well, you're way above the high water mark. you're lucky. you'll never get flooded. yeah? we had a valley around us that
12:30 pm
was a mile wide. nothing should ever have happened. and nobody ever told us that there was any risk of landslide from that mountain. >> you sound a little angry. i don't plame you. >> i'm furious, and not ufurious for me. if they had this report in the 1990s, half the steelhead drive was built after that. nobody told them. >> viewer -- i'm the one who carried jacob to the hospital, the little four-year-old boy. >> the one who was stuck in the mud. >> who lost three siblings and his father because they lived on steelhead time. i'm sure nobody ever warned them. this is negligence on somebody's part. we'll find out who. >> sounds to me lybyer one that won't let this go. >> excuse my lange but hell, no, we're in hell.
12:31 pm
everything that i owned, everything that was my kids' inheritance -- i'm 63 years old. i have nothing left. i hat one -- i had one picture that floated up between us, called night warrior. i'm native american. it told me that spirit was taking care of us and we'd be all right. i asked her -- the helicopter man, the wonderful man who pulled us out, i asked him to bring that picture with him. that's all i have. of 63 years of life. >> for people who are out there watching this and can't even imagine your pain and that of those around you, what can they do? >> at this moment, i think everybody is pretty well taken care of for food and clothing. we're going to need housing. we're going to need vehicles. my car dealership was wonderful. they loaned me a car for a week. i've talked to them about the possibility of getting some of the dealerships around here to
12:32 pm
use donations as a tax writeoff and publicity for them to get people vehicles. at this point i think what people need most is money because we're going to have to rebuild our lives. and a lot of these people are not going to be able to work for a long time. if they're like me, they're having night terrors. everytime i close my eyes i see that wall of mud coming. i went to the hot tub in the hotel i'm in right now. i went there last night, and i couldn't sit in it because i felt the vibration and it felt like what happened. >> robin youngblood, thank you for your time good luck to you and yours. >> thank you very much. >> imagine going back there and trying to find anything that might have been yours. and seeing nothing but piles of mud for as far as you can see, knowing the people who lived in the houses underneath the mud are still in them.
12:33 pm
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>> a followup now on two stories we have covered live. yesterday out of boston. first funeral planning underway for the two firefighters who died in the horrible fire in boston's back bay. the flames trapped the two men in the basement. one firefighter was a veteran of the united states marine corps, this other was a father of three with nearly a decade of information. the massachusetts governor met with their colleagues. >> they're suffering but they're hurt. they were also -- they told stories. they do the things that family do when you're trying to cope with tragedy. >> 13 other firefighters and some police officers were hurt. cops say they're still investigating the crash at logan
12:36 pm
airport in which a car jumped a curb and hit three pedestrians. officials say the victims were alert and breathing when paramedics rushed them to the hospital. a very difficult day yesterday in boston, massachusetts. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers,
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you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at
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continues coverage now of fox top story. the search for flight 370. bad weather is cutting short the latest search in the indian ocean. comes as tie land report -- thailand reports a satellite found 300 objects that could be a debris field. this is a series of satellite images we have seen here this week. here's a recap on the big board. if you can move to the first image. on march 16th. australian officials say a satellite spotted what appears to be objects floating 1500 miles off the coast of perth, australia. then two days later this image on the left here from a chinese satellite, again, showing possible debris in the southern indian ocean. and then on sunday, on the right
12:39 pm
here, french officials say that their satellite spotted 122 objects, 100 miles from the one in the previous image. move to the next slide and you'll see the next one, the next day, thai officials say their satellite spotted the 300 objects they told us about today. let's go over to the wall. you can see the images from the same general area, the spot where they have been searching. the one from march 16th, march 18th. didn't get a square but prom march 23rd and one from march 24th. sports who sit on the planes say it's incredibly tiring work, staring out another a gray ocean, hoping to see a small piece of anything on the choppy seas. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon. explain the frustration of the pilots. the weather is not helping.
12:40 pm
>> remember, these pilots flow for four hours out to the debris field, and can only spend two hours scanning the area. none of them have seen visual confirmation of the 300 pieces of debris shown in the thai satellite images or the ten items. at this point their eyes are playing tricks on them. >> you're hoping to see something orange, and they stick out well. you have a look at it. the only issue is we're flying at 200 knots, as slow as we'd like to go, you really get very little time to identify an object. >> we understand that planes will begin flying in the next few hours, even though some planes had ice forming on those wings and were grounded earlier tonight. >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. let's bring na van gurly, an
12:41 pm
oceanographer. his company are took part in the search for air france. could into to -- good to see you. they say this is the best lead yet. >> we hope so. the issue we're facing right now is the weather, and getting ships into the area where the satellites keep spotting stuff. so the issue really is a matter of time and eyes and getting eyes on target as we say so we know what we're looking at. is this debris or garbage or really parts of an aircraft? >> very long days, and you wonder how productive you can be. i've seen it described as the length of the journey from where they are in perth out to the sea is like flying from washington, dc to denver and then fly around for a couple hours looking for stuff and then you fly back to washington. sounds improbable. >> it is very grueling work but they're dedicated professionals.
12:42 pm
the real issue is getting to some positive identification of the aircraft wreckage so the next phase can begin. crowd need to find the debris field and backtrack to the likely place where the air craft originally impacted the ocean. once you get to that general area, then you can start the next part, searching the ocean bottom. >> your company helped facilitate that for the air france crash? >> that's correct. the french organization asked to us come in initially right after the plane went down to do some quick assessments. we specialize in statistical review of material and data. we build tools the u.s. coast guard uses for search and rescue operations. so we say these are the areas to look and they started investigating that. but after a year of not finding anything on the ocean bottom, they asked to us look at the data a second time and we used
12:43 pm
more advanced tools and had more information, and from that it took six months of analysis work in our shop here in d.c. we identified an area of the ocean that we thought was very probable where the plane might be. we call at it hot spot in our probability map. and that's in fact exactly where bea and their team went and found the wreckage on the ocean bottom. >> let's hope they can find this one as will. van gurley, good to see you. >> now your retirement plan could be ripping you off. tens of thousands of doors of fees. fees? do you flow about these fee -- know about these fees? jerri willis will break it down after this. block why do people count on sunsweet prune juice to stay fit on the inside?
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a slew of new lawsuits on the way now involving retirement accounts across the country. these lawsuits good after high fees linked to 401ks and potential conflicts of interest
12:47 pm
with investment groups. our producer, chris, has an interesting statistic. hello, jerri. we'll get to you. chris has statistics how we're saving or not saving for retirement. >> so, this is from the investment company institute. they kind of track how americans save for retirement. so, according to their latest data, 52 million americans have active 401k plans. of that, one in ten americans carry a balance of more than $100,000 in their 401k. four in ten, however, carry a balance of less than $10,000. >> not going to go well. >> could be a big problem. the average balance is $63,929. >> hopefully they have other thingness the works. >> hopefully they do. >> or they're not going live too long. jerri willus, 63,000 does, not a lot of money. not going to last you 25 years.
12:48 pm
>> people are living longer and longer. >> be eating at cat food. >> it's also the fees war paying. >> what's the deal? >> the problem is people aren't looking out for us. >> o'liery is, he's look -- oreilly is. his look ought for you. >> you should not be happy me. give you an example. you got $25,000 in your 401k. we heard people only had ten. let's say it's actually growing 7% over 35 years, if you pay just a half% -- half percent in fees you'll have $227,000 but if you pair one% more you'll have $163,000. that means you paid an extra $64,000 in fees. this ms. you have used to retire on. to help buy the house in retirement to put food on the table, take a trip. but you paid it in fees.
12:49 pm
>> how would i know what i'm paying in fees? >> you need your fee disclosure statement go to your plan administrator and say i want the fee disclosure statement, and what you look for is how much the fee is. it should be 1% or less. if it's 1% or more, you're paying too much. now that doesn't sound like a lot of money but over 35 years it's a ton ough. >> we'll watch for you this evening at 6:00 on the fox business network. 5:00 eastern time, 4:00 central time. always confusing. >> i know. >> school officials now say a hefty penalty -- they'll be facing one after attorney says they forced a middle school student to hand over her e-mail and facebook password. the style did. the school district called it a enemy difor that teen -- a remedy for the teenage girl. what did she do that's was so gosh dang awful? you decide. before larry instantly
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seven minutes before the hour. a school district in the state of minnesota has now agreed to pay $70,000 after attorneys say school officials forced a sixth grade girl to ands over her facebook and e-mail password. brought her into a room with police and demanded she give them the information. attorneys with american civil liberties union say the school officials violated her constitutional rights. it started after a parent complained that the girl was using school computers to send inappropriate facebook messages. school administrators had previously sent her to detention for slamming a teacher's aide on their facebook page. saying bad things but no threatening. the superintendent said the goal
12:54 pm
was not to bully the student but to, quote, remedy someone get offering track a little. joining us now, our legal analyst, arthur aidala. shouldn't have done that. >> that's two teacher's salaries. did she fall down a flight of stairs? she was a sixth grader. >> you've hate children. >> $70,000? that's an enormous amount of money. here's the punchline. she is home-schooled now. doesn't even go to school. >> is that true? >> yes, according to the upi. home-schooled now. so why -- i don't understand why there's a $70,000 award to her, number one. number two, i don't know -- i would think sixth grade the teachers could do anything they wanted. >> did you head children then -- hate children? >> i'm not a self -- >> you think -- >> they should have said,
12:55 pm
children, if you're going to ask for this to be done the parent needs to be in the room and you sit there with the parent and the child and go over this. i would be troubled myself. >> a new rule at the school. >> correct. apparently having sexually explicit conversations on facebook. at sixth grade, you're 10 or 11 years old? i would like some parent involvement and school teacher involvement. 70,000 does is excessive. i want two more teachers in the school rather thannen riching the child. >> you hate children. >> that's me. i just don't think we should be giving out money that wait. constitutional rights are violated. automatic of yours were vie lited in the sixth grade. >> i can think of 30 of them right now [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah.
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they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children lauing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where th almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some financial folks who will talk to them about preparing early for retirement and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >> the music industry is trying to go platinum. the rap group has struck upon a
12:59 pm
ground-breaks plan. they plan to release a double album but one copy. one. they say the secret album will be housed in this hand-carved nickel and silver becomes. representatives say the album will tour the world and fans can take their head phones, plug it in and listen, not take it home to protect the al bermuda. woo tang clan members say it's meant to reenforce art value but shouldn't be only about us. dollar bills, y'all. >> on this day in 1939 the university of oregon bet the ohio state university to win the first ncaa men's basketball tournament. the tournament started with eight teams. it now includes more than 6 of the best squads in knowledge. lots of fans go crazy trying to
1:00 pm
pick the winner. sweet 16 starts tonight but march went mad 75 years ago today. and then tomorrow, louisville and kentucky. and louisville is given four and a half? wow. should be good. >> what is that gadget? >> this is on iphone. >> forget these three stooges. now we are all stooges. >> welcome. larry, moe, and harry. it is not the president's healthcare law that is the problem. it's us. >> some people who are not like my grandchildren, who can handle everything so easily on the internet and these people need a little extra time. people are not educated


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